Instagram embraces the dark side drops the ‘Following’

Instagram embraces the dark side – drops the ‘Following’ tab

Instagram embraces the dark side drops the ‘Following’
Instagram embraces the dark side drops the ‘Following’

Instagram has finally joined the dark side by adding an alternate ‘dark mode’ to change the look of the app. It follows in the footsteps of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as well as operating systems like iOS and Android – all of which have added the mode recently. As well as putting less of a strain on your eyes, it’s believed that dark mode will help conserve battery life. The change was announced by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri on Twitter this week. It’s available to anyone using a phone or tablet running iOS 13 or Android 10. So some older devices won’t have access to it if they haven’t been updated.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple toggle within the app to turn Dark Mode on and off.

You need to go to your general settings within iOS or Android and set it there. Instagram will then work with your phone’s built-in Dark Mode to turn everything black

The end of the Following tab

But that’s not the only change the app has made. It’s also dropped the ‘Following’ tab – which has always been a favourite tool for Insta stalking.

The tab would let you see the activity of your Instagram friends – what they had liked and commented on. It was also useful for tracking celebs and seeing their activity on the app.

But since August, some users had been complaining the tab had disappeared, and now Instagram has made it official. It means that when you click the heart tab, you’ll only see your own activity.

According to Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, it’s making the change because only a small percentage of users use the Following tab on a regular basis.

Although, not everyone was happy with Instagram removing it.

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